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Itakeskus - comprehensive school

10th form, additional education, content based second language learning, support for upper secondary students 

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Itäkeskus Upper Secondary School for Adults







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Young people in Helsinki who have completed their comprehensive school education but have not been admitted to an upper secondary school or to vocational training can get additional comprehensive school education of one extra school year. This education is provided in the so-called 10th forms. The 10th form classes are usually located in multicultural comprehensive schools.
After 10th class in Itäkeskus half of the students will go to upper secondary schools and they will achieve good results. The rest of the students will go to vocational schools. This Project is aimed at experimentation of special activities conducted by expert teachers who have special skills in the Finnish language teaching for immigrants. The 10th form is considered as a 1 year continuation of comprehensive studies for non Finnish speakers who can get minimum linguistic skills necessary for the upper secondary school. This activities has been set out in consideration of high level of drop out and underachievement among immigrant young students.