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communication, racism, website, young people, ethnic minorities 

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University of Chichester




United Kingdom


2002 - 2006

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This is a website about race, racism and cultural aspect of everyday life as seen through the eyes of the British children and adolescents. The website presents a team of nine animated young from different backgrounds. They invite the visitor to their home where it is possible to meet their family and friends and share some experiences. The visitor can also choose to go into the virtual city of “Britchester” with them and explore conversations that happen there.
During the visit, it is possible to read about everyday life of this virtual characters and to interact with the website in a very interesting way for children and teenagers (quizzes, quotes, lyrics, and famous people from TV, sport, and music). Since there are many minority ethnic groups in the UK, each with different backgrounds and experiences, the author of the website decided to try to address some main themes and issues rather than every group's experience, because that differing experiences and histories do not just exist between ethnic groups but within them. Thus, the characters exist as vehicles for the issues not as 'representatives' of specific groups.