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The Interculture Map project (JLS/2004/INTI/153) is co-financed by the European Union under the INTI programme - Integration of third country nationals.

The partners

For the Interculture Map project an international work group has been formed, composed of four European organisations and associations who have pooled their experience and know-how in the field of Intercultural research.



Since 1995, Lai-momo has been active in the field of interculture and cultural cooperation. Recently, special attention has been devoted to African comics, both they are a useful means of getting to know about Africa, and helpful to study inasmuch as they are a means of communication. Lai-momo is also involved in many activities linked to Intercultural knowledge through art and publishes the scientific journal Africa e Mediterraneo, a quarterly about African culture and society, with some issues devoted to African art, African media and interculture.



The "Agora" research group of the University of Huelva is is part of the "Plan Andaluz de Investigación de la administración educativa ". Since its creation in 2000, the University has awarded "Agora" grades above 20/25 for excellence in its scientific research work. The group's research fields are: socio-educational intervention, communication technology, information technology in education and study guidance. The main focus of Agora’s research is the field of social and educational interventions related to multiculturality; it also involves external partners who regularly produce publications and research. The group has also received funds from the European Union for an educational project for the prevention of drug abuse, carried out in cooperation with Portugal.



The Centre Bruxellois d’Action Interculturelle (CBAI) is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1980 whose aim is the active promotion of Intercultural relationships, not only in Brussels but throughout Belgium. Its work encompasses:

  • training courses for professionals and trainees in the field of education and socio-cultural activities
  • promotional activities (the Centre provides a large documentation service, publishes the monthly journal "l'Agenda interculturel" and organises seminars on interculture.
  • cultural activities (Festival, art exhibitions)
  • supporting action-research associations in the field of immigration and interculture. For these activities the CBAI is funded by donations from various public institutions (federal, regional and European). It cooperates with many public and private institutions in various European programmes.



The Multicultural Centre of Prague (MKC) is a non-governmental non-profit organization whose mission is to prove that multicultural coexistence in the Czech Republic is possible, and enriching at all levels. Since its activities began in 1999, MKC’s aim has been to promote a tolerant society, open to the differences and cultural diversity within the Czech Republic and beyond, and to foster the values of cohesion and social integration. It also promotes dialogue and Intercultural learning among various cultures within the EU and beyond, engaging in a wide range of activities: above all, through the organization of cultural and educational activities, public discussions, publications and research groups, but also through collaboration with other organizations and individuals in the country and abroad.


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