intercultural routes
and itineraries in Europe

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Interculture and quality of life

Health, work, home: these are the research fields contained in the definition of “Quality of Life”.
We are talking about social infrastructures and the elements necessary for fostering social security. They have a primary role in encouraging the “quality of life” when we look at it as the possibility of having life conditions that are adequate to the social environment.
A look at the selected projects shows that there are different kind of initiatives dealing with the same subject in different ways: in the field of work, for example, we have territorial agreement for the education and integration of migrants, but also agreements promoting migrants’ enterprises, positive discrimination, etc.
Study cases give a detailed analysis about some of the projects, offering direct contacts with the associations and the organizers of the activities. Analyses deepens critical points through the help of articles, interviews, evaluations.
The report runs through our research project, defining the initiators, actions and subjects of intercultural practice within this area.