intercultural routes
and itineraries in Europe

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Interculture and media

How can we define a “truly inter-cultural” media? Should we focus on the public? On the subjects? On the contents? The Interculture map’s research aims at focusing on all the experiences, issues and critical points that emerge when concepts of interculture and media converge.
Minority media, “ethnic media”, information campaigns, awareness raising projects, community magazines and radios: these are some of the elements that compose a rich and wide scenery. The list of selected projects in the media area propose a first outlook on this panorama. Case studies give a deeper perspective on our research conducted on a very large variety of institutions and different kind of projects.
Is it possible to “transplant” one project into a different context? Analyses provides additional background information on the social environment in which a project operates, looking for common methodologies of action, trying to answer the above question.
The report gives a wider perspective on the whole research, detecting constant elements, critical issues, and interpretative paths; it also tries to define what we think is really intercultural