intercultural routes
and itineraries in Europe

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Interculture in Piemonte - Liguria

The researcher whose purpose is to analyze interculture in Europe has to travel over a varied and articulated path, made of distinct roads crossing at different points.
To create a path also means to choose one, deciding to investigate some pathways while (necessarily) neglecting others.
While outlining this varied European map, we tried to incorporate the countless activities and practices which have an “intercultural” aim or consequence; we then divided them into into five macro-sectors, conventionally defined as: art, media and publishing trade, education, quality of life, and university research.
We followed the same method with regard to a specific research we carried out in Piemonte and Liguria, two Italian regions which offer a rich intercultural outline, likely to provide useful ideas and suggestions for the practice and the concept of intercultural dialogue.
The “Africa e Mediterraneo” association, one of the European project’s partners, has analyzed the intercultural practices which are developing in these areas; it did this by employing the same instruments as those of the European research.
This site section propose the map that we built thanks to this survey. To search the map use the research in the database or the projects and case studies’ lists. Two reports offer an overall view of the research that has been carried out in each region.
This research project’s material is available in the Italian version only.
 Interculture Map in Piemonte e Liguria is supported by Compagnia di San Paolo and by the European Commission (DG Justice, Freedom and Security)