intercultural routes
and itineraries in Europe

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Interculture and education

What do we refer to when we talk about intercultural education and intercultural teaching?
By area of education we mean all the educational courses provided by public and private Institutions, whose targeted recipients are experts in different fields of action: social, judicial, and socio-health.
By teaching field we actually refer to every kind of initiative, project, action, organised spontaneously or under request, proposed to schools and teachers within public and private Institutions.
The Projects database offers an outlook of the European intercultural projects which happen within educational and formative areas.
Some of these project are referred to as case studies. Moreover, the analyses develop themes and debates inside the study area: school as a place of social exclusion, the role of associations, the actual situation of the educational system, etc.
Report offers a glimpse of the differences, in various practices, between the promoters and the people who actually start the activities (priority to the work with parents or priority to the knowledge of language), and between different countries (for example issues about the under-aged in Central and Easters Europe, or about education in France).