intercultural routes
and itineraries in Europe

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Interculture and art

In the field of art there are those who organise intercultural projects; in the filed of interculture there are those who organise artistic projects.
Among those promoting intercultural projects, some of them produce intercultural activities without actually knowing they are doing so, whilst others believe they are promoting intercultural projects but cannot actually manage to do them. This also happens among people producing art activities, but they also have the possibility of creating important artworks (or not), of obtaining good reviews (or not), of being invited to the Venice Biennial (or not).
A clear point remains: no one is able to define precisely what the field of art and that of interculture are.
Aware of this uncertain and ambiguous issue, our selection of projects and case studies represents just one of the possible portraits of the subject; we try to present places and methodologies which have both artistic and intercultural elements.
The analysis (interviews, articles, reviews) will delve into some of the critical issues: the internationalization of art, issues on diversity and identity, works involving migrant communities, corporate researches, funding relations, stereotypes and social representation…
Through the report it will also be possible to retrace this portrait through the initiators, actions, and themes of the most significant intercultural activities nowadays.